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  • Santa Cruz County - Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Early Syphilis - Rates by Age Group, Ethnicity and Year

  • STI Rate Among Santa Cruz County Residents (from 2012-2016 County Morbidity Mortality Report)

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases In Santa Cruz County (Oct. 2016)
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  • Estimated New STIs (Ages 15-24 and Ages 25+)

    Incidence: This is a bar chart showing the estimated number of new sexually transmitted infections in the United States in 2008. There were a total of 19,738,800 new infections: 19,000 hepatitis B infections; 41,400 HIV infections; 55,400 syphilis infections; 776,000 HSV-2 infections; 820,000 gonorrhea infections; 1,090,000 trichomoniasis infections; 2,860,000 chlamydia infections; and 14,100,000 HPV infections. Young people (aged 15 to 24) accounted for half of all new sexually transmitted infections: 8% of hepatitis B infections, 20% of syphilis infections; 45% of HSV-2 infections; 70% of gonorrhea infections; 13% of trichomoniasis infections; 63% of chlamydia infections; and 49% of HPV infections.

  • Young people account for a substantial proportion of new STIs

  • Unique Factors Place Youth at Risk for STIs