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CARe Team (HIV Case Management Services)

Quality Management Activities

Ryan White Part C Quality Management activities support our mission of protecting and improving the health of people in Santa Cruz County who have HIV or are at risk of infection with HIV.  Our efforts especially target community members who have been marginalized by socioeconomic, cultural, language or other barriers to health care.  Our collaborative approach fosters teamwork between clinicians, case managers, administrators, other support staff, consumers, and stakeholders to continuously evaluate and improve systems of care.

Calendar Frequency
HIV Quality Management Committee meetings Starting June 2020: The 3rd Thursday of each month
Management Plan 2021 Management Plan
Updating and clarifying performance measures Ongoing
Performance Measures Reports Quarterly based on the previous year
Plan Do Study Act (PDSA)

At least twice per year; to be driven by data outcomes:

  • Oct. 2018 - Determine how we will look at who is retained in care and who is not retained in care, and what our action steps will be to address identified gaps
Organizational Quality Program Evaluation Feb. 20, 2019
Consumer Participation in QM Meeting Quarterly, beginning April 2019
Consumer Satisfaction Survey September 2019
Staff Satisfaction Survey 2021 Calendar

Clinic QI Measures


Organization Assessment Reports

HIV QI Committee Meetings

Meeting Dates Agendas/Minutes
April 14, 2021 Agenda  Minutes
March 18, 2021 Agenda  Minutes
November 19, 2020 Agenda  Minutes
October 15, 2020 Agenda  Minutes
September 16, 2020 Agenda  Minutes
July 16, 2020 Agenda   Minutes
June 18, 2020 Agenda   Minutes
May 20, 2020 Agenda   Minutes
April 15, 2020 Agenda   Minutes
March 18, 2020 Agenda   Minutes
February 19, 2020 Agenda   Minutes
January 22, 2020 Agenda   Minutes
November 20, 2019 Agenda   Minutes
August 21, 2019 Agenda   Minutes
July 17, 2019 Agenda   Minutes
June 19, 2019 Agenda   Minutes
April 17, 2019 Agenda   Minutes
March 20, 2019 Agenda   Minutes
Feb. 20, 2019 Agenda   Minutes
Jan. 16, 2019 Agenda   Minutes





CARe Team

(831) 454-4730
Monday - Friday 
8:00 AM - 5 PM

Care Team Services