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Tuberculosis Program Services

TB Program Services & Referral Information

The Santa Cruz County TB Control Program may be able to provide clinical services for residents that have confirmed, or suspected active TB disease. Please call the CD Unit for more information at (831) 454-4114.

The TB control program provides consultation and case management for patients with active TB disease that reside in Santa Cruz County.  A public health nurse is assigned to every suspect, or confirmed case of active TB to promote patient compliance for exams, treatment, and isolation.  County residents that have latent TB infection (LTBI), and are at high-risk for progressing to active TB disease may be eligible for clinical evaluation and treatment if they don’t have medical insurance. To refer a patient for LTBI clinical services, please complete the LTBI Referral and Risk Assessment Scale and fax it along with your patient’s current chest x-ray report (within the last 6 months) to the CD Unit at (831) 454-5049.

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(831) 454-4114

Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm
FAX (831) 454-5049
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(831) 471-1170

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