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HSA's Mission

The Health Services Agency exists to protect and improve the health of the people who live within Santa Cruz County. Our Agency provides programs in Environmental Health, Public Health, Medical Care, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment.

Statement of Mission and Values for HSA

The Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency exists to protect the public health of Santa Cruz County and to help assure residents access to medical care and treatment.

The ultimate goal of the Health Services Agency is healthy people living in healthy communities. HSA is responsible for promoting community health in the public and private sectors.

HSA uses its resources to complement the services available in the community. Programs and services provided or supported by HSA are designed to promote healthy people and communities and incorporate these basic values:

  • All people are treated with dignity and respect irrespective of race, gender, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, marital status, economic status, immigration status, physical appearance, medical or mental condition, and religious or philosophical beliefs.
  • Client confidentiality is protected and respected.
  • Clients are entitled to receive services in a prompt and professional manner or clear reasons are provided for exceptions.
  • Clients are entitled to a clear and responsive complaint process that is without barriers.
  • Clients are entitled to be apprised of their health status and participate in development of a treatment plan to improve their health.
  • Clients are entitled to information on the costs of care and their options for getting health insurance coverage through a variety of programs. 

The Health Services Agency:

  • Collaborates with individuals and organizations in the community;
  • Uses limited resources cost-effectively;
  • Advocates for public health policy at all levels;
  • Treats customers and clients with dignity and respect;
  • Empowers the community to protect and improve personal and environmental health;
  • Assures that services are responsive to the cultural diversity of the community;
  • Supports and encourages staff in the development of their full potential in the workplace so as to assure public service excellence.

HSA is committed to protecting public health in the following ways:

  • The promotion of immunizations against vaccine preventable diseases, water fluoridation and dental disease prevention, vigorous communicable disease control, monitoring food and water safety, health education to prevent accidents and illness, and monitoring of key indicators of community health.
  • Promotion of universal health coverage in health, mental health, dental and substance abuse services to insure easy access to prevention and treatment services.
  • Elimination of stigma for persons with mental illness, HIV and other disease which create social fear.
  • Assuring availability of a full continuum of mental health services to the most vulnerable citizens suffering from severe and persistent mental disorders as well as a safety net of emergency mental health services, disaster services, and services needed by the citizens of the county affecting their mental health.
  • Assuring availability of primary care services to children, prenatal care, and a full range of family planning services including emergency contraception and abortion.
  • Prevention of substance abuse and addiction of all kinds, utilizing a comprehensive, community-based, holistic approach that incorporates public health solutions and acknowledges the relapsing nature of addiction.
  • Promotion of community awareness and prevention of domestic violence, child and elder abuse, and exploitation of vulnerable citizens.
  • Advocacy for expanding health coverage and environmental protection and securing the resources for HSA and other health providers to carry out the mission.