Reporting COVID-19 to Public Health


Current California requirements for reporting of COVID-19 by health care providers (HCP)

  • Submit COVID-19 Confidential Morbidity Report (CMR) for the following situations: 
    • Hospitalizations (for hospitals, please include suspected nosocomial COVID infections)
    • Deaths
    • When reporting on COVID hospitalizations/deaths, please include the following information if applicable:         
      • Residents/staff of residential care facilities, shelters, and congregate correctional settings. Please specify name of congregate living facility on CMR.
  • Two options for reporting cases to Public Health:
    1. Electronic Reporting (CalREDIE) – Preferred
      • Submit COVID-19 Confidential Morbidity Report (CMR) and supplemental documents directly into CalREDIE via the Provider Portal.
      • To request access, follow the directions in this link: CalREDIE Provider Portal
    2. Fax or Email


COVID-19 Outbreak Investigation and Reporting Thresholds for Acute Care Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities

Questions? Call the Communicable Disease Unit (CDU) on weekdays 8am–5pm at (831) 454-4114. Outside of these hours, please leave a voicemail for a later response or email us at  For information about the reporting of other disease cases or outbreaks, please visit the Communicable Disease Unit webpage.

Internet Resources for Health Care Providers (HCP)

For general population guidance, go to

For general employer (non-healthcare settings) guidance, go to

  • Facilities are responsible for maintaining an adequate stock of all PPE necessary for safe operations. In the event that the facility can demonstrate supply-chain challenges preventing it from maintaining adequate PPE stock, the County may be able to provide some PPE as a contingency until the facility is able to secure supplies through regular commercial means. PPE may be requested by completing the PPE Request Application and Resource Request Form linked below. Instructions are included on the form.
  • Additional PPE Resources/Information: