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  • Call for Participants: MTV Documentary about Teen Pregnancy
  • Communicating in Adolescence: Building On Strengths While Addressing Risks
  • In the News: Agency skips Congress in bid to block birth control access
  • In the News: Work-Based Program Helps Parents Talk about Sex


  • Grant Opp: The Goldman Fund
  • In the News: HPV linked to oral cancers
  • Report: Sex education in schools helps delay teen sex
  • In the News: States Reject Title V Funding for Abstinence-Only Programs   



  • Waiting Room STD Prevention Video Found To Reduce New STD Infection rates
  • Briefs on Emergency Contraception
  • HPV Vaccine Parent Brochure
  • More on the proposed Constitutional Amendment Requiring Parental Notification for Minor's Abortion
  • Report: Study Examines Association Between Having Sex at a Young Age with an Older Partner and Selected Outcomes in Young Adulthood  


  • Parental notification measure makes California Ballot
  • Policy Review: Balancing patients’ access to care and health care professionals’ right to refuse
  • Funding Opportunity: Promoting Innovation in Direct Services
  • Training: Archived Proposal Writing Webcasts
  • Resource: 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Summary


  • Grant Opportunities from The National Campaign
  • Fact Sheet Examines States' Efforts to Safeguard Adolescents' Confidentiality
  • Science and Success, Second Edition: Sex Education and Other Programs That Work to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, HIV, and Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Report: Perception That Teens Frequently Substitute Oral Sex for Intercourse a Myth
  • Report: Teen Birth Rate Climbing Again in CA                        


  • announces Condom Art Contest
  • Now Available: National STD Prevention Conference Audio Recordings and Slides
  • Report: National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancies Report on Family Turmoil
  • Report: Half of Teens Don't Discuss Contraception or STDs with Partners
  • Archived Grant Writing Webinars
  • Webinar: Counseling Teens on Abstinence and Contraception May 28
  • Webinar: Overcoming Challenges with Community Health Status Assessments May 19
  • Grants for a Brighter Future for Children and Youth
  • In the News: California Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban              


  • Training: Interventions that Work and Why: A Two-day Training on Evidence-Based HIV Prevention Interventions for People Living with HIV

  • April is STD Awareness month

  • Study: Research Shows Yet Again That Comprehensive Sexuality Education is Effective and What Parents Want

  • Webinar: Proposal Writing Basics: How to Effectively Respond to Proposal Requests

  • CDC Report: Estimated Pregnancy Rates by Outcome for the United States, 1990–2004


  • Webinar: Local Health Department and Juvenile Justice Collaboration for HIV/STI Prevention

  • Report: Risky Sexual Behavior of Newly Homeless Youth Varies

  • Guide: Assessing Adolescent Reproductive Health for Out-of-School Time Practitioners

  • Report: Teens Find the Benefits of Not Having Sex Decline with Age

  • Report: Sex Education Linked to Abstinence, Later Initiation of First Sex

  • Report: Ways to Promote the Positive Development of Children and Youth

  • In the News: State Board of Education adopts sex-education standards

  • ABC's Supernanny Looking for Teen Moms


  • Teen Dating Violence Webinar: Improving Community Responses to Statutory Sexual Assault

  • Training: Beyond MySpace: Keeping Connected with Youth

  • In the News: Sex-Transmitted Diseases Afflict 26% of Teen Girls

  • Job Announcement: Girls’ Advocate


  • Webcast: Innovative HIV/STI Prevention Approaches for Youth at Highest Risk

  • Training: Adolescent Reproductive Health—Skills for the Health Educator

  • In the News: Arizona is the 16th State to Reject Federal Abstinence-Only Funding

  • In the News: HPV-Linked Oral Cancer In Men Increasing


  • Training: Adolescent Reproductive Health: Skills for the Health Educator

  • Training: Free Online Health Literacy Training for Health Professionals

  • Resource: Young Fathers Video and Workshop Guide

  • Resource: Adolescent Health Care Access and Utilization Fact Sheet

  • Resource: CDC STD Picture Cards Now Available

  • Report: 2008’s What Works: Curriculum-Based Programs that Prevent Teen Pregnancy

  • Report: Evaluation of the Adult Functioning of Former Foster Youth

  • Opportunity: Seeking Subjects for Adolescent Health Care Video

  • Opportunity: Open Meadows Foundation—Women and Girls Grant Program


  • Resource: Free Online Access to the journal Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • Webcast: Innovative HIV/STI Prevention Approaches for Youth at Highest Risk

  • Training: Selecting Effective Behavioral Interventions

  • Webinar:Communicating in Adolescence: Building on Strengths While Assessing Risks

  • Webinar: Addressing the Needs of Young People Who Inject Drugs

  • Report: Teen Pregnancy and Poverty

  • News Flash: Hepatitis B Vaccine


  • Workshop: Healthy Intimacy

  • Webinar: Addressing the Needs of Young People Who Inject Drugs

  • YouTube Offers New Nonprofit Program

  • In the news: FDA Requires Labeling of Over-the-Counter Contraceptives Containing Nonoxynol-9

  • In the News: STD Awareness targets Facebook Users


  • SIECUS Releases Community Action Kit

  • CDC Offers Free Use of SHPPS and YRBSS Data Files

  • Youth-Friendly Pharmacy Initiative

  • DVD available of Minor Consent and Confidentiality Training

  • Funding Opp: Grants for Young Men

  • Funding Opp: Parenting Capacities and Health Outcomes in Youth and Adolescents Grant Programs

  • In the News: Long decline in birthrate of teens ends


  • Healthy Intimacy Workshop

  • Free Educational Materials from SCIP

  • Report: SIECUS Releases Publication on the Marriage Promotion Industry

  • Workshop Summary Addresses Adolescent Health Care

  • Resource: CDC Releases Two New REP Packages

  • Resource: Behavioral Health Adolescent Provider Toolkit

  • Resource: Updated National Campaign Brochure - 10 Tips for Parents

  • Resource: Updated Fact Sheet on Substance Use among Adolescents and Young Adults

  • In the News: Benefits are big when kids stop having kids


  • Healthy Intimacy Workshop

  • Free Educational Materials from SCIP

  • Training: Minor Consent and Confidentiality

  • Workshop: Creating Positive Public Perceptions of Young People

  • Webcast: Adolescent Involvement in HIV/STI Prevention Programs

  • Report: 2007 Edition of Women's Health Data Book Released

  • Report: Research Brief Focuses on the Decline in the Proportion of Repeat Births to Adolescents in All States

  • Report: When Girls Don't Graduate, We All Fail

  • Resource: Web Site Expands to Include Nutritional Advice for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women


  • Training: Minor Consent and Confidentiality Rights in Adolescent Reproductive Health

  • Workshop: Campaign to Unlearn Racism (Spanish language workshop)

  • Webinar: Adolescent Involvement in HIV/STI Prevention Programs

  • HPV Vaccine Legislation 2007

  • Contest: HEAR ME 2007 HIV/AIDS Story Writing and Video Project

  • Contest: Fresh Focus Video Project Now Accepting Submissions

  • Resource: Engaging Youth… On Their Turf: Creative Approaches to Connecting Youth through Community

  • Report: 2007 National Report Card on Women’s Health

  • Job Opp: SCAP hiring a Latino Outreach Worker


  • AIDS Alliance Consumer Leadership Corps Training Program—deadline is Friday!

  • Forum: Back to the Future: The Impact of the 2007 Federal Abortion Ban

  • Report: No Time for Complacency: Fall 2007 Update

  • Training: Minor Consent and Confidentiality Rights in Adolescent Reproductive Health

  • Teen Peer Court Schedule

  • In the News: Biotech patch offers no-risk birth control

  • In the News: Birth-Control Foe To Run Office on Family Planning


  • Training: Implications of Childhood Sexual Abuse for Females in the Justice System

  • Training: How to work more effectively with girls

  • Call for Participants in Intimate Partner Violence and Reproductive Health Issues Initiative

  • Online Training: American Academy of Pediatrics Adolescent Sexual Health Training Module

  • In the News: House Passes Stop AIDS in Prison Act

  • In the News: FDA drug proposal would bypass the doctor

  • In the News: Religious groups must offer employees birth control


  • Resource: NAHIC Updates Reproductive Health Fact Sheet

  • Report: CASA's 2007 Teen Survey Reveals America's Schools Infested with Drugs; Popular Kids at Drug- Infested Schools Much Likelier to Get Drunk and Use Drugs

  • Symposium: Exploring Safer Injection Facilities in San Francisco

  • Conference: Inaugural STD/HIV Prevention Conference Focusing on Youth and Technology

  • Conference: CSHC Annual Conference 2007: Partners in Guiding Change

  • Legislation: The Sexual Health Education Accountability Act- AB 629

  • Bi-National Health Week Event

  • Job Opp: Girls’ Advocate, Walnut Avenue Women’s Center—Closes 9/28!


  • Webinar: Promising Approaches to the Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence

  • Event: Day of Unity 2007

  • Report: California Parents’ Preferences and Beliefs Regarding School-Based Sex Education Policy

  • Report: What's culture got to do with HIV and AIDS?

  • In the News: Suicide rates for 10-19 year-old females and 15-19 year-old males increased significantly in 2004


  • El Jóven Noble/Hombres Jóvenes con Palabra training

  • Web Seminar: Crystal Meth and HIV Risk Among Latino Gay Men

  • Tabling Opportunity: National Latino AIDS Awareness Day event

  • 13th Annual LBHI Latino Conference

  • SIECUS SexEd Library AvailableOnline

  • Fact Sheet: The HPV Vaccine: Background, Coverage & Benefits

  • In the News: Sales soar for morning-after pill

  • In the News: Sexually transmitted wart virus ups mouth cancers


  • Youth Advocacy opportunity with Jóvenes SANOS

  • Report on Teen Dating Violence

  • In the News: Abortion pill doesn't raise pregnancy risk, study says

  • In the News: Types of Alcoholic Beverages Usually Consumed by Students in 9th-12th Grades

  • Training: 2 day HIV/AIDS Prevention Certification


  • Webinar: HIV Prevention with Latinos Live Satellite Broadcast and Web cast

  • Webinar: An Introduction to the Plain Talk Approach to Teen Pregnancy & Teen HIV/STD Prevention

  • Webinar: Retaining Clients in HIV Prevention Programs: A Conversation with Ted Duncan, PhD

  • Community Health Web cast and Teleconference Web page

  • Workshop: Unlearning Racism (in Spanish)

  • Funding Opp: HIV/STI Demonstration Sites RFP and ApplicationNow Available

  • Funding Opp: Materials Development Grant

  • Free Grant Writing Tutorials and Manual for HIV Programs

  • New Fact Sheets from the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies

  • Job Opening: Senior Project Manager, Strategic Health Communications

  • Job Opening: International Policy Director


  • Teen Short Films Address Pregnancy, HIV/STI Infection and Sexual Identity

  • Reproductive Health Fact Sheet– Adolescents and Young Adults

  • New Report Shows that Decline in Teen Sexual Activity is Stalling

  • Report Reveals Wide State Variation in Teen Birth Rate

  • Grant Opportunity: Make It Your Own Awards


  • Teen Success Program

  • Resources:

    • The 2007 California County Data Book is now online

    • NACCHO's Toolbox: Because Good Public Health is Worth Sharing

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Santa Cruz Juvenile Probation Needs an Advocate

  • Audio Conference: New CDC Recommendations for HIV Testing How Has Your Clinic Responded?

  • Conferences and Trainings:

    • Adolescent Reproductive Health Training Program

    • California Alliance Concerned with School Aged Parenting and Pregnancy Prevention

    • National Prevention and Health Promotion Summit

    • National HIV Prevention Conference

    • National STD Prevention Conference


  • California Education Code re: Sex Ed

  • American Teens: Less Sex, More Condoms

  • Teleconference Training on Anal Carcinoma and Pap Screening July 19th!

  • Plan B Use Surges, And So Does Controversy

  • Egypt officials ban female circumcision


  • AudioConference: The Changing Face of Chlamydia

  • Health Law Resources:

    • Your Health, Your Rights—a free ACLU pamphlet for teens

    • Understanding Minor Consent in California—A Provider’s Toolkit

  • The Camp Recovery Center Adolescent Program

  • Free “Spanish for the Workplace” classes

  • Study Finds Link Between Condom Use and STDs, Number of Sexual Partners

  • CDC Launches Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health Website

  • Webinar: HIV/AIDS among Women: Maternal and Child Health and HIV/AIDS Partnerships for Prevention, Testing, and Care

  • Article: Pharmacy draws fire for stopping the sale of birth control pills


  • Training: Thursday the 21st is the last day to register for the STD Overview!

  • Training: Materials Development Workshop June 21st!

  • Resource: Educational and Program Resources from the Prevention Training Center

  • Resource: SexEdLibrary: Over one hundred lesson plans in one place

  • Event: Bridging the Gap

  • Report of the APA's Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls

  • Conference: Youth, Education & Law: Current Issues, New Directions

  • Webinar: Understanding Transgender Latinas & their HIV Concerns


  • Resource: Advocacy Resource Guides from Healthy Teen Network

  • Resource: Tell Me about AIDS

  • Report: Sex Education:The Parent's Perspective

  • In the News: FDA Approves No-Period Birth Control Pill

  • In the News: Brazil to Subsidize Birth Control Pills

  • Training: STD Overview for Non-Clinicians June 29th


  • Training: STD Overview for Non-Clinicians

  • Survey: Interests of young women with disabilities

  • Resource: Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP)

  • Resources: Teens and the Law

    • Your Health, Your Rights

    • Kids & the Law: An A-Z Guide for Parents (and providers)


  • In the News: Committee chairman says U.S. government spending for sexual abstinence program will stop

  • Foundation Center Training: Free Day of Fundraising Essentials for Health and Human Services Organizations in Santa Cruz County


  • Event: Celebrate Diversity Teen Talent Show—auditions next week!

  • In the News: Teacher’s job on the line over ‘tolerance’ column


  • Free SCIP Workshop: STD Overview for Non-Clinicians

  • Reminder: 2007 SCIP Updates Feedback survey Complete by May 8th!

  • Workshop: Campana para Desaprender el Racismo

  • Resource: Health Websites for Teens

  • Event: 10th Annual Santa Cruz County Queer Youth Leadership Awards

  • Report: The report card is in. Abstinence-only fails.

  • In the News: Texas Showdown on HPV Vaccine Order

  • In the News: Proposal to require STD vaccine for girls is weakened


  • 2007 SCIP Update Feedback Survey

  • Free Webcast: Meeting the Family Planning Needs of Adolescents & Males

  • Free Training: Facilitating Youth Groups for STD/HIV Interventions

  • Free Training: Training Operating for Safety Around Field Encounters (TOPSAFE)

  • In the News: Governor pulls funding for breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings


  • Funding Opportunity: Nonprofits and Tribes Invited to Compete for New CCF Grants

  • Queer Youth Leadership Awards: Nominations Open

  • In the News: U.S. college students face higher prices for birth control as companies end discounts

  • In the News: U.S. family planning head resigns after state agency acts against him

  • In the News: Advocates say some of US grocery chain's stores still are not selling 'morning-after' pill


  • MMWR – Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

  • Grant Opp: MTV TR3S and Youth Venture Present the Tu Voz My Venture Contest

  • Grant Opp: Compassion Capital Fund Targeted Capacity Building Program

  • Web Seminar: Adaptation of Evidence-Based Interventions: An Overview


  • Grant Opportunity: Youth Digital Filmmakers Program

  • Workshop: Advocates of Steel

  • Web Seminar: What is a Recruitment Strategy and why is it important to have one?

  • Report: Friends’ influence on Adolescents’ First Sexual Intercourse

  • Online Resource: Youth Programs Resource Center

  • Funding Opportunity: Community, Education, And Health Grant Program

  • Funding Opportunity: SAMHSA Will Fund Up to 7 Grants in 2007 for Adolescents at Risk for Suicide


  • 10th Annual Queer Youth Leadership Awards: May 19th

  • Online Resource: STD Wizard

  • Online Resource: Adolescent Violence Prevention

  • In the News: Merck suspends lobbying for cervical cancer vaccine mandate

  • Report: Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls

  • Legislation: Prevention First Act Introduced

  • Funding: Youth Development Grants


  • Internet audio conference: New Findings from the National Survey of Children’s Health

  • In the news: Texas governor orders anti-cancer vaccine for schoolgirls

  • In the news: Stroke Risk With Migraine Aura Makes Birth Control Pill Problematic

  • In the news: Birth control taught in shrinking number of schools, study says


  • Training: Grant Writing: Developing and Maintaining Prevention Programs

  • Condom Contest

  • Roundtable Discussion: Improving the State of Education in our County

  • Sueños is Expanding to North and Mid County!

  • In the News: Mindfulness-based stress reduction teaches teens how to deal

  • Resource: New Prevention Tactic and Website: Underage Binge Drinking: A Community's Problem, A Community's Solution

  • Trainings: CSTEP HIV Trainings


  • Training: Grant Writing: Developing and Maintaining Prevention Programs

  • In the News: FDA scrutinizes birth control drugs

  • Training: Girls: Understanding their World (San Diego)

  • Audio Conference Call: Basics of HPV and New Vaccines

  • Legal Info: HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Codes

  • Web Seminar: Program Evaluation Overview


  • Free Web Seminar: Understanding Transgender Latinas & their HIV Concerns


  • Resource: Internet Interventions Teleconference Available Online

  • Resource: Upcoming Free Trainings in the Bay Area

  • Report: Most Americans Have Had Premarital Sex


  • Article: N.H. to Offer Girls Free Cancer Vaccine

  • Article: HPV Vaccine to be Included in Immunization Program for Children

  • Article: Bill backs cancer shot for girls (would require HPV Vaccine for girls to enroll in 6th grade)

  • Training: Grant Writing: Developing and Maintaining Prevention Programs

  • Article: Plan B pill now readily available

  • Article: Drugmaker Makes Chewable Contraceptive


  • Resource: Center for AIDS Prevention Studies UCSF Fact Sheets

  • Article: Abstinence-Only Policies: New Guidelines Target 29-year Old Sexually Active Adults

  • Article: Doc's Appt. Angers Family Planning Group

  • Article: Long-Awaited Non-Prescription Emergency Contraception Arrives in Pharmacies


  • Training: Grant Writing: Developing and Maintaining Prevention Programs

  • Article: Women Sue Over Birth Control Patch

  • Report: By the Numbers: The Public Costs of Teen Childbearing

  • Article: Few Americans favor abstinence-only sex education

  • Article: All eyes on Roberts court as it takes on abortion


  • Results of SCIP Update Feedback Survey

  • Funding Opportunity: Magic Johnson Foundation HIV/AIDS Grants

  • Article: Binge drinking: A public health issue, a community issue and an everyone issue

  • Article: Court: Groups must offer contraceptives

  • Send me your announcements!


  • Training: ”Breaking the Cycle” is almost full!

  • Proposition 85: Parental notification supporters try again

  • Training: Introduction to STD Intervention (10 days, free)

  • Training: Recruitment and Retention (next week! and it’s free too!)


  • New Law: AB 2280, allowing expedited partner therapy for gonorrhea, will go into effect Jan 1, 2007

  • Project: A Teen’s Eye View of Community

  • Report: Strategies For Improving Latino Healthcare In America

  • Report: National birth rate data now available

  • Feedback: Fill out the Survey!


  • Next SCIP Training: Breaking the Cycle of Teen Intimate Partner Violence

  • Trainings: Fundamentals of STDs in Clinical Practice and Genital Exam Skills Practicum

  • Article: Birth-control patch label warns of risk

  • Resource: Teen Dating Violence Curriculum and Video

  • Feedback: Fill out the Survey!


  • SCIP has a new website!

  • Resource: Free Downloads from Hesperian Publishing

  • Training: Last day to register for “Prevention Strategies” is Sept 15th!

  • RFP: Growing Healthy Communities HIV/AIDS Initiative (Kaiser Permanente)

  • Resource: Parent-Child Connectedness Materials from ETR

  • Articles: Guttmacher Update on teen pregnancy


  • Report: Opinions About HIV/AIDS-Related Issues Among California Adults, 2005

  • In the News: Condoms in Prison Passes Legislature

  • Training: State Certified Training on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

  • In the News: HPV Vaccine Creates Parental Challenge


  • Audio Conference: Contraceptive Update

  • Free Contraceptive Fact Sheets

  • Online Self-Study Training Modules

  • In the News: Barr Seeks Fed OK for Morning-After Pill

  • In the News: New study shows herpes cases declining


  • Training: Breaking the Cycle of Teen Intimate Partner Violence

  • Request For Proposals Announcement: Materials Development Grant


  • Migrant Clinicians Network

  • F.D.A. Shifts View on Next-Day Pill


  • Free Training: STD Overview for Non-Clinicians

  • Article: Implantable contraceptive cleared for sale

  • Article: Report Finds Federal Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs Funneled More than $30 Million into Anti-Choice Crisis Pregnancy Centers

  • Article: Mothers' Attitudes Towards Preventing Cervical Cancer Through Human Papillomavirus Vaccination: A Qualitative Study


  • Free Training—“Youth Empowerment Training for Service Providers”

  • Free Training —“How to Better Serve the Adolescent inYour Office/Center”

  • Free Online Courses for clinicians—Continuing Education credit available


  • 2005 Youth Risk Behavior Survey available online

  • HPV Vaccine approved by FDA

  • FDA Denies Request To Allow Nonprescription Sales Of Plan B

  • Early Predictors Of Sexual Behavior:
    Implications For Young Adolescents And Their Parents

  • Rodham Clinton Calls For Affordable Access To Contraception, Pledges To Continue Hold On FDA Commissioner Nomination

  • Free CDC Training


  • Reminder: Items for the SCIP Update

  • 2005 Birth Stats now online

  • Funding Opportunities


  • Grant Alerts

  • Health Education Materials SWAP

  • Sex, Etc's new magazine

  • Free Training Reminder